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Swati and Sam

Swati and Sam both share a common passion for traveling. The couple wishes to cover as many countries as they can, experience different cultures, meet new people, learn new languages, try different cuisines, and make friends along the way. Apart from the occasional sponsored trips, the duo manages to fund their trips with their day jobs as Software...

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Hello! I am Shubham (Shoebum) Mansingka. I’ve been a full time traveller for 5+ years now and work professionally as a travel writer and consultant. I hope my offbeat stories from lesser known places excite you to experience travel differently. I want to inspire you to make a difference through sustainable and responsible tourism. No hindrance should be too big when you think about...

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The only way to shoot any structure distortion-free is to keep the camera parallel to the ground. For that, you need a vantage that brings you up midway to the height of the building. But the ground realities do not always allow us to keep the camera parallel. – Shooting Architecture without Distortion Part-1 –...

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different doors

We’re Revati and Charles Victor. Married couple, Indians from Mumbai, advertising professionals by day, Amateur chefs and Professional travel bloggers by night. Oh and we do manage to squeeze in a bit of travel and photography somewhere along the...

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